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Welcome to HR UnLimited

HR UnLimited can help you make sure your business is doing all the right things when it comes to Human Resources, Employment Law and Health & Safety.

We support businesses large and small by giving them the advice, time and peace of mind they need to be able to focus on the essential activities that can help their business grow.

Time is precious when you’re running a business, and each new day brings its own set of challenges and accomplishments. For your company to achieve its goals, everyone needs to work together without confusion or conflict – and that’s where we can help.

Whether you need on-going support, problem solving or strategic guidance to manage the people element of your company, we offer a friendly and professional service, either through affordable compliance packages or with a bespoke programme to suit your specific needs.

We use our years of experience to provide you with all the on-site support, guidance, and information you need to run your business safely and effectively, whilst ensuring you keep up-to-date and comply with all the legislation that surrounds health & safety and employment law. We’ll be there whenever and wherever you need us, whether that’s to discuss your business growth plans or to help during disciplinary proceedings or enforcement visits.

Please feel free to browse our website or go to our contact page to submit an enquiry.

Online Training

HR Unlimited’s one-on-one Health & Safety E-Learning offers interactive online training that is cost-effective and time efficient.

Offering a proficient and flexible training solution which is affordable, convenient and rigorous, it allows individuals to learn at a pace that suits them, with the option to review learning content as many times as required.

HR Services

Employees are people and people can be complicated! Just when you think everything’s starting to fit into place, things can change, and circumstances can alter.

If it’s a challenge to keep up with all the administration that having employees brings, we’ll help you create an environment that encourages satisfied and motivated employees who’ll work with you towards your business goals.

Health & Safety

No business can ignore Health & Safety – it’s the law. If effective workplace safety management systems have not been established and an incident or accident occurs there will be financial and human consequences.

That’s why it makes sense to employ a professional and competent risk management consultant, to give you peace of mind knowing you’re maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

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