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In your business, time is most definitely the most important resource. And if you get bogged down in the detail of your business, that time will fly! Yet it’s the detail that defines your business; attention to detail that protects your business, missed detail that loses you business.

At HR UnLimited, our aim is to save you time by:

  • making the best use of your human resources, minimising time wasted in conflict and misunderstanding, maximising time for you to do what you do best
  • rescuing the time spent building risk management systems or worse – dealing with incidents and injury
  • protecting the time you might otherwise spend trying to persuade the Fire Service to let you carry on trading, or being sued for negligence by an employee injured in a fire at work.

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"Don't take risks, take advice"

We do all of these things well … very well in fact. But we do more than just salvage your time – we do the stuff that you can’t do yourself, the functions that you need time-served experience and hard-won skills to carry out. What is more, we do it with you, and for you as well as supplying the advice and documentation.

Critical to any business is compliance with legislation. Some of this is of value to the business and the people in it, some of it is not; all of it however is costly to ignore. We ensure that busy directors have peace of mind and can focus on their market, satisfy clients and generate more revenue.

HR UnLimited builds this compliance structure for you according to your needs, timescale, market sector and your budget. We will simplify, explain and put in context the hundreds of pieces of legislation surrounding Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Employment Law.

So if you need:

  • expert advice by telephone or on-site based on
  • 122 years of experience with your choice of
  • affordable compliance packages or
  • bespoke programmes to address your needs, or
  • retained consultancy or
  • 'by your side' service for enforcement visits and
  • regular updates to help your business keep track of legislation changes with
  • no jargon, plain english support when you need it, where you need it

then you need HR UnLimited.


Phil Watson describes how HR Unlimited can help your business

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